a lot of orange


So after an incredibly long hiatus I've decided to try to keep more up to date with this blog. Having seen that it still (somehow) gets a ton of traffic, I thought I'd add a few new posts with work from the past few months, and hopefully keep it updated with new work as it happens. I graduated this summer from Falmouth and since then I haven't really been doing any photography, but I've been really into using my Instagram as a kind of creative outlet/organised mess/orange shrine, which has been a good pointless but creative little task for the unemployed post-grad that I currently am. These are just a bunch of recent-ish photos from my Instagram - which you should follow here - all photos by meeeeeeeeeee (in this post, not on my insta.) Instagram is the main social networking channel that I use on a regular basis to post new stuff on, so if you want to keep up to date then your best bet is to follow me there. As you can see, it's currently having an orange moment. Don't know how long I'll be able to keep this up, but the best things in life are orange so it shouldn't be that hard. And to all the haters of orange.....what's wrong with you please.

I have a new website which is predominantly fashion-focused so check that out to and as usual, email me at rosanna-jones@hotmail.co.uk with any enquiries. Now that I'm no longer studying I have no valid excuse to be so crap at replying to emails, sorry in advance if I slip back into my old ways though xxxx


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