Skin Part II & New website

So here are the 3 main images of my Final Major Project from my university exhibition. I've yaddered on about it enough now but if you hadn't yet read, my theme was Concealment - looking at concealing ourselves until we're no longer recognisable. The exhibition was a little while ago now, but I've been away and haven't had a chance to take any good quality photos of the paintings. A few people were confused when seeing them in real life about what they literally were - the more mystery the better I say - but they're digital photo collages which are then overpainted. 

I will be selling prints of these photos and any others from my blog this summer so if you're interested please email ! 

Here's a little phone snap of how my exhibition space looked - I was given a massive space which makes my work look really tiny but the images above are A3 if that makes it any clearer!

Here are some really terrible quality photos of some of the other work I had up (above) 

This week I've also re-listed and updated my website. I made it 2 years ago ish and then at some point I decided i hated it and made it all hidden but I spent ages this weekend updating it with a lot of current/recent work so check it out!

I'm going to get my etsy up and running ASAP where I'll be selling lots of prints this summer buttttt like I said, please email if you're interested in the meantime:
This will probably be the last set of really weird n ugly n creepy work I do for a while! Like I've said, I'm going to Falmouth University to study Fashion Photography in September and I'm going to focus on fashion for the summer so watch this space :) 
Hope you're all having a good summer x x x 


  1. Your work is so beautiful. You are so talented. I'm honestly amazed!!! All the best at university :)

  2. Great work, Skin set is the best ! Go find someone to exhibit your work !! See you in real ;)

  3. These artworks are surreal! They did a good definition on the subject of your exhibit. And yes, I’ve been to your website and I must say that it’s different from among the others I’ve visited before. So far, it’s great!

    Lynda Frank

  4. Very nice dear... I really enjoyed your series :)

  5. Beautiful artwork i am a great admirer of you now..


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