perfections & imperfections uni work
adding to my never-ending "destroy" series. 
model: izzy kennedy

some more burning experiments:

Lots n lots n lots of photos! Been going mad with the fire on my latest uni projects - there's been a few and these are all kind of miscellaneous, all from different projects. Perfection & Imperfection was one and I've enjoyed treating myself to a bit of burning and bleaching - it's very therapeutic once you get used to the smell. First photo in the post got posted onto Photo Vogue on which was very exciting! Most (actually all) of these photos were originally taken 1..2...3......4 years ago - a lot of them are random disposable camera diary photos of my friends when we were in year 11, but the first images were digital before I burned/re-scanned them, featuring my ever-beautiful recurring model: izzy kennedy. terribly sorry to her, elly, angus, tiff, lauren, connie, phil, lucy and isabella for destroying them with flames


  1. I love all of these! I wish I could make stuff like this.

  2. Love your works,
    really cool job!

  3. May I ask how do you achieve this burnt look??? :)


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